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Five mobile Internet function

1. APP remote control:Brings together today's most cutting-edge APP features, streamline easy to use online services to open a real service to open the real man.

2. car function: Performance and daily use of the perfect combination, the liberation of both hands at the same time, the corresponding reduction of shopping tired.

3. dynamic dance function: The coolest dancer, master of the three steps, you order, it will jump!

4. power function: Help mode to make the control more relaxed and easy, as the body's extension.

5. anti-theft function: No matter where it is, you can log in the mobile phone anti-theft tracking platform, quickly found traces of the vehicle.

Community Club

"No line" for live music, school club

1. radar system: Through the "radar" riders easily find nearby riders;

2. chat system: Communicate with you;

3. "appointment" system: Easy to publish invitations graphic;

4. riders life system: Friends that thing;