Internet of Things response, intelligent security

i-ROBOT-LA can realize remote and inter-group information exchange and network communication and achieve various applications in intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management through information sensing devices like various sensors and global positioning system.

Fashionable and Pleasing to the Eye, Innovation of Technology

i-ROBOT-LA innovatively applies the dynamic stabilization and balancing technology with one wheel in the left and right respectively instead of being in the front and back respectively as the traditional two-wheeled vehicle, which is pioneering. i-ROBOT-LA undoubtedly will become a popular new means of transportation provided by Shanghai New Century Robot Co., Ltd.

Low-carbon and environment-friendly, energy-saving and zero emis

With the durable lithium battery, i-ROBOT-LA can go as far as 30 kilometers after battery is charged while producing no carbon dioxide which is great for your health and the environment.

Intelligent Maneuverability, Mobility with the Rider’s Body

i-ROBOT-LA’s built-in precise gyroscopic system can sense the posture and status of the vehicle body and i-ROBOT-LA will intelligently move forward or backward accordingly as the rider’s body tilts forward or backward with the speed proportional to the tilt angle of rider’s body.

Precise Maneuverability, Flexible Mobility

i-ROBOT-LA can move at up to 20km/h, and its unique ability to turn in situ allows you to move easily even in a crowded place.

Turning in-situ, Saving Space

The turning radius of i-ROBOT-LA is zero, so it can perfectly turn in-situ. You can ride on i-ROBOT-LA in the streets and alleys to do your field work without having to worry about the inability to turn around due to narrow space.


The combination of artificial intelligence and agile carrier provides a means of transportation that is safe and individualized. With dazzling and vibrant appearance and sensibility to your movement, i-ROBOT-SC series are a perfect interpretation of the philosophy “Going With Your Heart, Show Your Style”.

As an intelligent means of transportation, i-ROBOT-SC has the fashionable two-wheeled design (one wheel on the left and right respectively) and can easily keep your body balanced. Moving or standing still, it perfectly integrates with your body as if it were part of your body.

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